Hindi Bhawan Shantiniketan
Hindi Bhawan Shantiniketan

Hindi Bhawan Shantiniketan

Hindi Bhawan Shantiniketan was built to promote Hindi language. It was 1939, The world was horrified with the beginnings of World War II and India was stuck in a political deadlock. No one could afford to be bothered about the disparity in education conducted in Local Languages such as Hindi. A Hindi Bhawan at shantiniketan was envisioned by Gurudeb Rabindra Nath Tagore wished to built an institution that published works in Hindi Language as well as translation of his work in Hindi Language. Raibahadur Bissessurlal Motilal Halwasiya Trust under the leadership of Late Babu Shyam Sundar ji Halwasiya and Late Babu Purushottam Dass ji Halwasiya took the responsibility of constructing the said Hindi Bhawan (Picture Above) at Shantiniketan.

Under the guidance of Late Babu Shyam Sundarji Halwasiya and Late Babu Purushottam Dassji Halwasiya great efforts were under taken by the Rai-Bahdur Bissessurlal Motilal Halwasiya Trust to construct the building of Hindi Bhawan so that books may be published in Hindi Language to help promote education in hindi language.

Although Hindi Bhawan was built and ready but emminent writers felt it was jus four wall without any soul to it. Late Pt Hazari Prasd Diwedi wrote in a letter dated 10.07.1936 wrote

Hindi Bhawan Shanti Niketan Mural
Fresco at Rai Bahadur Bissessurlal Motilal Halwasiya Hindi Bhawan, Shantiniketan, 1939

मैं और चन्दोला जी हिन्दी भवन के क्वार्टर्स में आ गये हैं। हाल में बैठा-बैठा कुछ पढ़ने-लिखने का कार्य कर रहा हूँ। लेकिन हिन्दी भवन का वायुमण्डल बन नहीं पाया।

हजारी प्रसाद Full etter is available here

When this information was brought to the notice of Late Babu Shyam Sundar ji Halwasiya and Late Babu Purushottam Das ji Halwasiya they grew concern about this situation. They decided to tak

Rai Bahadur late Bissessurlal ji Halwasiya had always wanted to help in bringing up the level of education imparted to the Indians and remove the imbalance prevalent in Education of Indians at that time. Inspired by the vision of his Father Late Babu Shyam Sundar Ji Halwasiya along with Late Babu Purushottam Dass ji Halwasiya took upon themselves to create an institution that published notable work in the Hindi Language, To achieve this vision Halwasiya Trust under his leadership also made grants to Viswa Bharti, Shanti Niketan to Publish Notable Works of Hindi as well as Translation of other notable works in Hindi under the Banner of Halwasiya Shodh Granth Mala. Sri Hazari Prasad Diwedi again in his letter dated 10.07.44 mention

हिन्दी-भवन अब तक मकान-ही-मकान था। इस विषय में कुछ प्रयास किया गया था। आपको जानकर प्रसन्नता होगी कि श्री कानोडिया जी और श्री पुरुषोत्तम हलवासिया जी की कृपा से इस वर्ष से कुछ ठोस कार्य करने की व्यवस्था हो रही है। 


In this letter Late Pt. Hazari Prasad Diwedi mention that Late Babu Purushottam dasji is the son of Late Rai Bahadur Bissessurlal ji Halwasiya. That is not true. Late Babu Purushottam Dasji Halwasiya is the Son of Late Babu Motilal ji Halwasiya ( Brother of Rai Bahadur Bissessurlal ji Halwasiya) and Late Babu Shyam Sundar ji Halwasiya is the son of Rai Bahadur Late Bissessurlal ji Halwasiya

रायबहादुर विश्वेश्ववलाल मोतीलाल हलवासिया ट्रस्ट, कोलकाता ने ट्रस्ट के संस्थापक विश्वेश्वरलाल हलवासिया की जन्मशतवार्षिकी (सन्‌ १९७०) के अवसर पर हिन्दी में महत्त्वपूर्ण ग्रन्थ प्रकाशित करने के लिए विश्वभारती को आर्थिक अनुदान दिया था। इस अनुदान तथा विश्वविद्यालय अनुदान आयोग की आर्थिक सहायता से ग्रन्थमाला का कार्य आरम्भ हुआ।

Viswa Bharti Patrika

14 Books have been published till date under Halwasiya Shodh Granth Mala. Mostly notable works of Shree Vaishnav Sampraday espcially the 8 volumes of Divya Prabandh in Hindi

  • ग्रन्थांक-१ दिव्य-प्रबन्ध-भाग-१ सन्त विष्णुचित्त (पेरियाल्वार) को रचनाएँ
  • ग्रन्थांक-२ वज़्यानी सिद्ध सरहपाद – डॉ. द्विजराम यादव
  • ग्रन्थांक-३ मध्ययुगीन हिन्दी काव्य में प्रयुक्त काव्यरूढ़ियों का अध्ययन डॉ. देवनाथ चतुर्वेदी
  • ग्रन्थांक-४ दिव्य-प्रबन्ध-भाग २, सन्‍त आण्डाल (गोदा), कुलशेखर, भक्तिसार, मुनिवाहन, तथा मधुर कब की रचनाएँ
  • ग्रन्थांक- ५ दिव्य-प्रबन्ध-भाग ३, सन्‍त परकाल की रचनाएँ
  • ग्रन्थांक-६ दिव्य-प्रबन्ध-भाग ४, सन्त परकाल की रचनाएँ
  • ग्रन्थांक-७ इतालवी व्याकरण-इतालबी भाषा का हिन्दी में प्रथम व्याकरण डॉ. एदमोन्दी आन्देरलीनी तथा डॉ. रामसिंह तोमर
  • ग्रन्थांक-८ दिव्य-प्रबन्ध-भाग ५, सन्त शठकोप की रचनाएँ
  • ग्रन्थांक-९ दिव्य-प्रबन्ध-भाग ६, सन्‍त शठकोप की रचनाएँ
  • प्रन्थांक-१० दिव्य-प्रबन्ध-भाग ७, सन्त कासार, सन्त भूत, सन्त बेताल तथा सन्त भक्तिसार की रचनाएँ
  • प्रन्यांक-११ दिव्य-प्रबन्ध-भाग ८, सन्‍त शठकोप, सन्‍त परकाल तथा श्रीरंगाचार्य की रचनाएँ
  • ग्रन्थांक-१२ आधुनिक कविता में राष्ट्रीय चेतना -डॉ. ऊ जो किम (दक्षिण कोरिया)
  • ग्रन्यांक-१३_ माणिक्कवाचकर, तिरुवाचकम (भाग-९)
  • ग्रन्थांक-१४ भमाणिक्कवाचकर, तिरुवाचकम्‌ (भाग-२)

Efforts are being made by Halwasiya trust to find the copies of these books to Digitize and made available for any one to read through the publication page of this site you can access them here

Mural Life of Medieval Saints By Sri Binod Bihari Mukherjee

At Shantiniketan, Sri Binod Bihari Mukherjee developed a style that veered away from overt symbolism of literary subjects and mythological descriptions to portraying simple representations of his surroundings, capturing the landscape and life in and around the university. He gave more importance to color, line and texture. His sketches, watercolors and drawings were a celebration of life. Apart from nature, Mukherjee took his inspiration from Chinese and Japanese art as well. During this time, he also began experimenting with mural paintings, which he felt were more expressive as murals were intricate and descriptive, allowing him to present his view of life more comprehensively. One such Mural named Life of Medieval Saint has been painted on the walls of Rai Bahadur Bissessurlal Motilal Halwasiya Hindi Bhawan

We hope Hindi Bhawan at Shantiniketan keep Publishing original works of Hindi as well as Translation of Great Works of other Indian Language


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