Trustees visit Halwasiya High School Golgram
Trustees visit Halwasiya High School Golgram

Trustees visit Halwasiya High School Golgram

Sri Bijay Shankar Halwasiya and Sri Hari Shankar Halwasiya visited the Golgram Rai Bahadur Bissessurlal Motilal Halwasiya High School located at Golgram Paschim Medinipur. Sri Bijay Shankar Halwasiya, who is also the president of the Managing committee, along with Sri Hari Shankar Halwasiya visit the school to see the effects of the lockdown on the school and how we can help to better the cope with the difficulties faced by the students of the school. After a hiatus of more than two years the schools resumed this session in all earnest. The Trustees Sri Bijay Shankar Halwasiya and Sri Hari Shankar Halwasiya held day long meeting at the school with all the Students, Teachers as well as the managing committee to better understand the current situation

Adminstrative Building Raibahadur Bissessurlal Motilal Halwasiya High School, Golgram, Paschim Medinipur

Our Founder Rai Bahadur Late Bissessurlalji Halwasiya was a strong believer that to uplift the masses through education. Quality Education must be accessible to all despite their location and station in life. Keep in line of those belief Rai Bahadur Bissessurlal Motilal Halwasiya Trust, under the guidance of Late Babu Shyam Sundarji Halwasiya, took the initiative in 1930 to build a school in the village of golgram which was part of the zamindari of our founder Rai Bahadur Late Bissessurlalji HalwasiyaThe Golgram RBBMH High School is to provide the benefit of education to the local village resident. The first school to provide education in the village of Golgram. The school boasts an excellent track record of the result.

Sri Bijay Shankar Halwasiya along with Sri Hari Shankar Halwasiya met with the Students of the schools to better understand the how Covid-19 effected their education and how the transition from lockdown to back in school going on. They were accompanied with the current Head-Master (Principal) of the school. The student session were interactive and the students mentioned they are happy to be back in school and continuing with the education. The covid-19 lockdown were difficult but the transition from remote education to in presence education was smooth.

Sri Bijay Shankar Halwasiya chaired the Managing Committee meeting and Sri Hari Shankar Halwasiya as a Special Invitee met with the other members of the Managing Committee. The main aim of the meeting was to discuss various program and initiative that could be implemented to make the students more involved and active in the school. the meeting ended in a positive note were the members acknowledge the president Sri Bijay Shankar Halwasiya and the Special Invitee Sri Hari Shankar Halwasiya for taking out of time from their busy schedule and visit the school

The day long interaction came to its last but the longest meeting, which was interaction with the Teachers,. Sri Bijay Shankar Halwasiya briefed the teachers about the plans for to promote active participation of Students in School and its activities and asked the teachers for their opinions. The teachers were very forthcoming with their suggestions and advised on different issues still faced by the students in the school, and how they can improve the students participation in the school.

The day ended with the Trustees visited to the health development centre located in the school to make sure the student were aware of importance of taking care of their health and take necessary steps to look after themselves