Supports during Spanish Flu, 1918
Supports during Spanish Flu, 1918

Supports during Spanish Flu, 1918

In 1918, just as now, India was gripped in the clutches of deadly Spanish Flu. Nearly every household was lamenting a death, and everywhere terror and confusion reigned. Ordinary Humans Stuck in extra ordinary circumstances had no one to turn to except other Ordinary Humans for what little hope they could muster.

The Hospitals were choked so that it was impossible to remove the dead quickly enough to make room for the dying. the streets and lane were littered with the dead and the dying. the Burning Ghats and the Burial Grounds were literally swamped with corpses

Dispatches of report on progress of disease from India

The outbreak, progress and aftermath of a disease for which no one was prepared. What made the matter worst was all the government system had failed there was no way to properly send of the dearly departed with proper rights. The general mood was defeatist. Every Household was Lamenting and terror and confusion reigned. what hope had a country like India? Without a marked improvement in living conditions, it was clear that India would remain vulnerable to future outbreaks of the disease.

If It wasn’t for few heroic community leaders including Rai Bahadur Late Bissessurlal Ji Halwasiya who stepped forward to help to give practical and financial help. the commissioners and deputy Commissioners of different provinces recognized their contribution.

IOR/L/E/7/949, ‘Report from Health Officer, Delhi, on outbreak in Calcutta

I personally wish to thank you for your valued assistance in fighting the scourge and checking its progress

Deputy Commissioner

Without this remarkable surge of support locally, the commissioners agreed that the calamity nationally would have been even worse.

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